Missionaries are an extension of the local church, helping to spread the gospel, the good news, of Jesus Christ all around the world. North Spencer Baptist Church helps support the following missionaries and missions works.

Bill and Lori Smith

Bill and Lori Smith serve in Papua New Guinea reaching the lost through the Seigu Health Clinic where Lori is the chief clinician. Bill’s ministries include church planting and training and teaching young men at Goroka Baptist Bible College, preparing them to pastor their own churches.  They serve through the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, ABWE, and can be reached at www.billandlorismithpng.com.

Marc Montas and Raymondé Joseph

Montas Joseph is our missionary/translator in Haiti.  He and his family live to the southwest of Port Au Prince, and minister to the region between their home and north to St. Marc and Banique, where the church helps support a widow and her family.  Joseph preaches, teaches, evangelizes, and translates for ministry teams in Haiti. Joseph serves as an associate pastor at Église de Dieu Sanctifié de Merger (the Sanctified Church of God in Merger), where he is helping to build the church spiritually and physically.  He is wonderfully supported by his wife Raymondé and their children.

Andrew & Anna Smith

Andrew Smith grew up in Paupa New Guinea as the child of missionaries. As he was exposed to missions he saw the need for a Pilot/Mechanic to help the missionaries reach the lost in remote locations. He found that God had given him the ability and he learned to pilot with Ethnos 360 Aviation. Anna Smith was among those who said the ominous phrase ” I could never” to missions. In her life she wasn’t unwilling, but felt that she wasn’t the one God was going to send until she met Andrew. She went on her first missions trip to Paupa New Guinea which showed her the real perspective of missions- the joys and difficulties. Andrew and Anna got married and are fulfilling the call to missions in their life.

Fady and Eliana Maalouf

Fady Maalouf is our Christian missionary in the country of Lebanon.  He lives near Beirut and reaches into the Arab world with an online Arabic Seminary, teaching and equipping leaders for church planting in Arabic speaking nations.  He does translation work and publishes tracts and other instructional material in Arabic.  Fady is affiliated with Arab World Baptist Mission and International Partnership Ministries.

Kevin and Kenyatta Maki

Kevin and Kenyatta Maki are missionaries to the deaf community worldwide.  Kevin served a number of years at Deaf Baptist Church in Fremont, CA. They are proficient in American Sign Language and Kevin preaches, teaches, and disciples the hearing impaired community.  Kevin has taken over as Evangelist and Director of Deaf Ministries for IPM, International Partnership Ministries. 

John and Sharon Metzger

John Metzger is a missionary educator for Jewish evangelism.  He has authored several books from a Jewish perspective explaining how the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) point to Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah.  John teaches, lectures, attends missionary conferences, and engages in other avenues to share the Jewish roots of our Christian faith as he equips Christians to minister to people with a Jewish background.  John serves with Ariel Ministries.

Randal and Cindy Richner

Randy and Cindy Richner and their family serve the Lord in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Randy and Cindy are second generation missionary children, whose parents also serve as missionaries. Fluent in Portuguese, Randy teaches, evangelizes, and counsels from a biblical perspective, as he and his family live the gospel in South America.

Colton and Tanja Twigg

Colton and Tanya Twigg and family have finished their first tour in Paraguay where they have concentrated on learning the Spanish language in preparation for their first missionary assignment.  They are scheduled to return to the United States in 2017 on their first furlough, reporting to their supporting churches and continuing in deputation (raising support for their missionary work).

Joe and Dawn Lee

Joe and Dawn Lee have been ministering to the Native American people of New Mexico for many years.  They began ministering to the Hopi in Winslow, Arizona.  They are currently serving the Navajo with Southwest Indian Ministries, a ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions.  Joe counsels, preaches, teaches and is involved in church planting activities with Widefield Baptist Mission in Vanderwagen, New Mexico. 

Christopher and Courtney Powers

Christopher and Courtney serve the wider church through their ministry, www.fullofeyes.com.  Chris is a former NSCA student who now offers free contemporary graphics and design to churches throughout the world.  His work is being translated and used in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin.  An example of his work “Love Made-An Animation” can be seen at:  https://youtu.be/1tQCmkfuhzc 

Corning Area Bible Club

Corning Area Bible Club is a ministry of Bible Centered Ministries, International–BCM Int’l.  Current missionaries are Dave and Sandy Mogren and Jeanne Desposito.  From the Corning area, they minister to children, sharing the gospel through public school release time, and here at NSCA, through weekly Bible time.

Renovation House

Renovation House is a faith-based Christian rehabilitation program for men dealing with substance abuse and other life controlling issues.  Reverend John Early is the Director, and the program may be reached at www.renovationhouse.org.

Retired Missionaries

In addition to active missionaries still serving in the field, the church helps support a number of retired missionaries who still serve the Lord in other ways.  Heath and Norma Bobbett, Arlene Updyke, Scott and Louise MacGregor, and Phyllis Ackerman are our honored retired missionaries.

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